Volume 15, Issue 3 (July-September 2010)


Testicular germ cell tumors
N. Diamantopoulos, A. Kortsaris; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Toxic peripheral neuropathy associated with commonly used chemotherapeutic agents
A.A. Argyriou, V. Zolota, O. Kyriakopoulou, H.P. Kalofonos; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Biological markers in breast cancer prognosis and treatment
G. Kesisis, L.F. Kontovinis, K. Gennatas, A.H. Kortsaris; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Dietary influence on breast cancer
M. Jevtic, R. Velicki, M. Popovic, N. Cemerlic-Adjic, S.S. Babovic, L. Velicki; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)



Gemcitabine plus infusional 5-fluorouracil and high dose leucovorin in advanced stage pancreatic cancer
I. Oztop, A. Alacacioglu, I.T. Unek, O. Tarhan, I. Somali, S. Cokmert, T. Yavuzsen, U. Yilmaz; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Concurrent chemoimmunotherapy: is it still the best option for the treatment of metastatic melanoma in patients with good performance status?
I. Pejcic, S. Vrbic, S. Filipovic, M. Scekic, I. Petkovic, Lj. Pejcic; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Oral status in patients receiving 5-fluorouracil for colorectal cancer
M. Djuric, S. Cakic, M. Hadzi-Mihailovic, D. Petrovic, L. Jankovic; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Postoperative radiotherapy in the treatment of uterine sarcomas: long-term results and analysis of prognostic factors
I. Sahinler, B. Atalar, G.M. Tecer, Z. Calay, S. Koca, G. Atkovar, S. Okkan; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

External beam radiotherapy of bladder carcinoma: considerations in determining the irradiation field margins
G. Bozios, A. Capizzello, P. Tsekeris; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

A practical method to detect target failure of a helical tomotherapy unit
S. Stathakis, A. Gutierrez, C. Esquivel, C. Shi, N. Papanikolaou; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Comparing ultrasound with computerized tomography images to choose electron energy for radiotherapy boost field in breast cancer patients with breast conserving surgery
I.B. Gorken, E.D. Bayman, P. Balci, B. Bakis, Z. Karaguler, B.D. Isman, M. Kinay; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Long-term results following potentially curative gastrectomy for gastric cancer
A.-A.K. Tentes, O. Korakianitis, D. Kyziridis, D. Veliovits; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Differences in colorectal cancer patterns between right and left sided colorectal cancer lesions
A.V. Pappas, E.E. Lagoudianakis, I.G. Dallianoudis, K.T. Kotzadimitriou, N.E. Koronakis, I.D. Chrysikos, I.D. Koukoutsi, H.E. Markogiannakis, P.T. Antonakis, A.J. Manouras; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

A prospective evaluation of second transurethral resection in non-muscle invasive bladder tumors
M. Aydin, Z. Tandogdu, F.O. Kurtulus, E. Avci, A. Fazlioglu, M. Cek; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Factors associated with outcome in liposarcomas of the extremities and trunk
E.E. Pakos, P.V. Gogou, N. Apostolikas, A. Batistatou, P.G. Tsekeris; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Clinical prognostic factors and outcome of surgical treatment in patients with early-stage bronchial carcinoid tumors
J. Stanic, B. Zaric, A. Anjelkovic, T. Sarcev, Z. Eri, T. Boskovic , B. Perin; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Is there a cut-off value for standardized uptake values in positron emission tomography for predicting response to treatment and survival in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer? Single center experience
B.B. Oven Ustaalioglu, M. Gumus, A. Bilici, M. Seker, R. Ustaalioglu, U. Kefeli, T. Salepci, N. Canpolat, A. Mayadagli, I. Dogusoy; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Comparison of methods for prediction of prostate cancer in Turkish men with PSA levels of 0-10 ng/mL
K.H. Gulkesen, I.T. Koksal, U. Bilge, O. Saka; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Does the tumor localization in advanced pancreatic cancer have an influence on the management of symptoms and pain?
C. Eyigor, B. Karaca, Y. Kuzeyli-Yildirim, R. Uslu, M. Uyar, A. Coker; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Demo-geographical data of myelodysplastic syndrome based on a large sample of patients from a Romanian Hematological Center
R. Gologan; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Is cervical cancer screening necessary or the “Paradox” example of Bulgaria
P. Kostova, V. Zlatkov; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Screening for metastasis in primary breast cancer patients having four or more axillary lymph node involvement: is it really necessary?
R. Uslu, M. Kapkac, B. Karaca, H. Camyar, R. Durusoy, N. Ozdemir, A.B. Aras, A. Oktay, H. Ozkilic, R. Yilmaz; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Preclinical evaluation of amiodarone for the treatment of murine leukemia P388. In vivo and in vitro investigation
A.D. Papageorgiou, P. Dalezis, C. Mourelatos, K. Lioutas, D. Sahpazidou, E. Geromichalou, G. Geromichalos, Th. Lialiaris, P. Athanasiadou, P. Athanasiadis; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Taxane-based adjuvant chemotherapy reduces endothelin-1 and symmetric dimethylarginine levels in patients with breast cancer
A. Alacacioglu, L. Kebapcilar, I. Sari, Z. Gokgoz, O. Tarhan, I. Somali, A. Yuksel, G. Bozkaya, G. Sop; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

The preventive effect of N-acetylcysteine on radiation-induced dermatitis in a rat model
C. Demirel, S. Kilciksiz, S. Evirgen-Ayhan, S. Gurgul, N. Erdal; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Functional and molecular characterization of glioblastoma multiforme-derived cancer stem cells
C. Tomuleasa, O. Soritau, D. Rus-Ciuca, H. Ioani, S. Susman, M. Petrescu, T. Timis, D. Cernea, G. Kacso, A. Irimie, I.S. Florian; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

A new concept in the treatment of extravasation injury: controlled drug delivery systems
E. Konas, H.I. Canter, P. Korkusuz, D. Demir, F. Oner, M.E. Mavili; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Informing cancer patient in relation to his type of personality: the controlling-orderly (obsessive) patient
G. Kallergis; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Skull base paraganglioma with local spread to the first cervical vertebrae
I. Kantzou, A. Petridis, V. Kouloulias, N. Bountouroglou, G. Sarris; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Results of GM-CSF treatment in chemotherapeutic extravasation ulcers
I. Vargel, H.I. Canter, A. Erdem, M.K. Altundag; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The father of hematologic oncology Jean Bernard (1907-2006) and his contribution to the research and treatment of leukemia
M. Karamanou, E. Agapitos, I. Liappas, Μ. Piagkou, G. Androutsos; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

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