Volume 18, Issue 4 (October-December 2013)


Current role of immunotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer
O. Porfyris, P. Kalomoiris; pp 809-817 (AbstractPDF)

Sexual dysfunction in cancer patients: a review
B. Cakar, B. Karaca, R. Uslu; pp 818-823 (AbstractPDF)


Impact of the obesity on lymph node status in operable breast cancer patients
O. Keskin, S. Aksoy, T. Babacan, F. Sarici, N. Kertmen, M. Solak, F.P. Turkoz, Z. Arik, E. Esin, I. Petekkaya,
K. Altundag; pp 824-830 (AbstractPDF)

Capecitabine/cisplatin doublet in anthracycline and taxane pretreated and HER-2 negative metastatic
breast carcinoma patients
N. Ozdemir, S. Aksoy, M. A. N. Sendur, M. B. Akinci, O. Yazici, B. Budakoglu, H. Abali, B. Oksuzoglu,
N. Zengin; pp 831-837 (AbstractPDF)

Comparative efficacy study of 5-year letrozole or anastrozole in postmenopausal hormone receptor-
positive early breast cancer
M. A. N. Sendur, S. Aksoy, N. Zengin, K. Altundag; pp 838-844 (AbstractPDF)

The relationship of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome with known breast cancer prognostic
factors in postmenopausal breast cancer patients
A. Can, A. Alacacioglu, Y. Kucukzeybek, C. Erten, S. Cokmert, L. Demir, A. Dirican, I. Vedat Bayoglu,
M.Akyol, F. Aslan, M. Oktay Tarhan; pp 845-850 (AbstractPDF)

Age related influence of triple receptor status on metastatic breast cancer post relapse survival
N. Todorovic-Rakovic, Z. Neskovic-Konstantinovic; pp 851-858 (AbstractPDF)

Prognostic factors for longer disease free survival and overall survival after surgical resection of
isolated liver metastasis from breast cancer
M. Zegarac, S. Nikolic, D. Gavrilovic, M. Jevric, D. Kolarevic, Z. Nikolic-Tomasevic, M.Kocic, I. Djurisic, Z. Inic,
V. Ilic , N. Santrac; pp 859-865 (AbstractPDF)

The prognostic role of interleukin-8 (IL-8) and matrix metalloproteinases -2 and -9 in lymph
node-negative untreated breast cancer patients
J. Milovanovic, N. Todorovic-Rakovic, Z. Abu Rabi; pp 866-873 (AbstractPDF)

The effects of anastrozole on the proliferation of FM3A cells
M. Topcul, I. Cetin, M. Ozlem Kolusayin Ozar; pp 874-878 (AbstractPDF)

Prognostic value of EZH2, paxillin expression and DNA ploidy of breast adenocarcinoma: Correlation
to pathologic predictors
D. Panousis, G. Xepapadakis, E. Lagoudianakis, G. Karavitis, N. Salemis, N. Koronakis, E. Patsouris, D.
Koronarchis, D. Grosomanidis, G. Chryssikos, P. Ntasiou, V. Kyriakidou, A. M. Athanassiadou, P.Athanassiadou; pp 879-885 (AbstractPDF)

Characterization of immunohistochemical markers in triple negative breast carcinomas
E. Atik, M. Guray, T. Ozgur, T. Canda; pp 886-890 (AbstractPDF)

Promoter methylation assay of SASH1 gene in breast cancer
Lin Sheyu, Liu Hui, Zhang Junyu, Xu Jiawei, Wang Honglian, Sang Qing, Zhang Hengwei, Guo Xuhui,
Xing Qinghe, He Lin; pp 891-898 (AbstractPDF)


Third-line therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Zhen Ying Geng, Shun Chang Jiao, Shi Cui Liu, Ying Li, Zhe Feng Liu, Guo Qing Zhang, Li Jie Wang, Feng Qu; pp 899-907 (AbstractPDF)

Lentivirus-mediated shRNA interference targeting cyclooxygenase2 inhibits growth of human non-small
cell lung cancer
Tianrong Li, Jie Lu, Yunhua Zhong; pp 908-914 (AbstractPDF)

Stress protein Hsp27 expression predicts the outcome in operated small cell lung carcinoma and large cell
neuroendocrine carcinoma patient
D. M. Marinova, Y. G. Slavova, N. Trifonova, D. Kostadinov, V. Maksimov, D. Petrov; pp 915-920 (AbstractPDF)

Clinical and prognostic importance of XIAP and USP8 in advanced stages of non-small cell lung cancer
M. Baykara, M. Yaman, S. Buyukberber, G. Tufan, U. Demirci, M. Benekli, U. Coskun, A. Ozet, E. Umit Bagriacik; pp 921-927 (AbstractPDF)

Differential diagnosis of pulmonary lesions by parametric imaging in 18F-FDG PET/CT dynamic multi-bed
Qiang Wang, Rong-fu Wang, Jianhua-Zhang, Yun Zhou; pp 928-934 (AbstractPDF)

Diagnostic value of PET/CT in differentiating benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules
A. Dalli, H. Selimoglu Sen, M. Coskunsel, H. Komek, O. Abakay, C. Sergi, A. Cetin Tanrikulu; pp 935-941 (AbstractPDF)


Evaluation of efficacy and toxicity in two different hypofractionated 3D-conformal external beam radiotherapy
schedules in localised muscle invasive bladder cancer
V. Kouloulias, E. Mosa, M. Tolia, I. Kantzou, N. Koliarakis, K. Platoni, I. Georgakopoulos, A. Siatelis, G. Sarris,
I. Beli, M. Chrisofos, N. Kelekis; pp 942-948 (AbstractPDF)

Neoadjuvant hormonal therapy in prostate cancer – impact of PSA level before radiotherapy
M. Dolezel, K. Odrazka, J. Vanasek, M. Vaculikova, J. Vlkova-Sefrova, J. Jansa, Z. Macingova, M. Brodak, I.
Hartmann, B. Melichar; pp 949-953 (AbstractPDF)

Preoperative Gleason score, percent of positive prostate biopsies and PSA in predicting biochemical recurrence
after radical prostatectomy
M. Acimovic, K. Dabic-Stankovic, T. Pejcic, Z. Dzamic, D. Rafailovic, J. Hadzi-Djokic; pp 954-960 (AbstractPDF)

Genetic polymorphisms of vitamin D receptor and the risk of prostate cancer: A meta-analysis
Qingchuan Zhang, Yuxi Shan; pp 961-969 (AbstractPDF)


Experience with intensity-modulated radiotherapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer
J. Vanasek, K. Odrazka, L. Dusek, J. Jarkovsky, R. Michalek, V. Chrobok, M. Dolezel, I. Kolarova; pp 970-976 (AbstractPDF)

Determination of matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) protein expression in laryngeal squamous cell
carcinomas based on digital image analysis
T.Ath. Papadas, S.S. Naxakis, N.S. Mastronikolis, T. Stathas, N.Ch. Karabekos, E. Tsiambas; pp 977-981 (AbstractPDF)

Combination of p16 levels and pre-radiotherapy factors predicts outcome in patients treated for oropharyngeal
V. Bar-Ad, ZX. Wang, B. Leiby, M. Tuluc; pp 982-988 (AbstractPDF)


What is the significance of a microscopically positive resection margin in the curative-intent treatment of
rectal adenocarcinoma? A retrospective study
Z. Fekete, A. Muntean, A. Irimie, S. Hica, L. Resiga, N. Todor, V. Nagy; pp 989-995 (AbstractPDF)


Proteomic studies of multiple myeloma in RPMI8226 cell line treated with bendamustine
Chenglong Sun, Juan Li, Jingli Gu, Junru Liu, Beihui Huang; pp 996-1005 (AbstractPDF)


CDC25B, Ki-67, and p53 expressions in reactive gliosis and astrocytomas
D. Suren, O. Isiksacan Ozen; pp 1006-1011 (AbstractPDF)


Preclinical evidence for the antihyperalgesic activity of CDP-choline in oxaliplatin-induced neuropathic
O. Kanat, D. Bagdas, H.Y. Ozboluk, M. S. Gurun; pp 1012-1018 (AbstractPDF)


The importance of the blood levels of homocysteine, folic acid and vitamin B12 in children with malignant
D. Aleksic, D. Djokic, I. Golubicic, V. Jakovljevic, D. Djuric; pp 1019-1025 (AbstractPDF)


Clinicopathological features and management of hepatic vascular tumors. A 20-year experience in a Greek
University Hospital
T. Theodosopoulos, D. Dellaportas, A. Tsangkas, N. Dafnios, V. Psychogiou, A. Yiallourou, G. Polymeneas, A.
Kondi-Pafiti; pp 1026-1031 (AbstractPDF)


Histone deacetylase inhibitors suppress the growth of human osteosarcomas in vitro and in vivo
Zhenkai Wu, Chao Ma, Zhi Shan, Yaping Ju, Siyu Li, Qinghua Zhao; pp 1032-1037 (AbstractPDF)


Cancer burden of breast and gynecological cancers in Bulgaria: epidemiology and clinical aspects
G. Chakalova, N. Dimitrova, I. Gavrilov, Z. Valerianova; pp 1038-1044 (AbstractPDF)


Significance of using DICOM communication standard in quality assurance in radiation oncology – an
institutional experience
P. Tobias, D. Vrana, K. Cwiertka, D. Gremlica, P. Slampa; pp 1045-1047 (AbstractPDF)


The prevalence of usage of herbal medicines among cancer patients
S. Tuna, O. Dizdar, M. Calis; pp 1048-1051 (AbstractPDF)


Can the epirubicin cardiotoxicity in cancer patients be prevented by angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors?
D. Radulescu, E. Buzdugan, T. E. Ciuleanu, N. Todor, L. Stoicescu; pp 1052-1057 (AbstractPDF)

Administration of gemcitabine and cisplatin in cancer patients with renal failure under hemodialysis
Ping-Ying Chang, Ming-Shen Dai, Ching-Liang Ho, Nai-Shun Yao; pp 1058-1061 (AbstractPDF)

In vitro study on the effect of doxorubicin on the proliferation markers MCM3 and Ki-67
S. Etemad-Moghadam, S. Fouladdel, E. Azizi, M. Alaeddini; pp 1062-1068 (AbstractPDF)

Construction and identification of the recombinant lentiviral expression vector targeting human Bax inhibitor-1 gene
Hai-qing Luo, Wang-tao Zhong, Fu-mei Liu, Zhong-yi Cui, Ke-yuan Zhou, Xiang-yong Li; pp 1069-1073 (AbstractPDF)

Technetium-99m- Arg-Arg-Leu(g2) , a modified peptide probe targeted to neovascularization in molecular
tumor imaging
Xia Lu, Lingzhou Zhao, Tian Xue, Huabei Zhang; pp 1074-1081 (AbstractPDF)


An international survey of practice patterns and difficulties in cancer pain management in Southeastern
Europe: A Turkish & Balkan Oncology Group common initiative
Ajlan Atasoy, Gordana Bogdanovic, Archil Aladashvili, Zeljka Cvijetic, Mircea Dediu, Nada Cicmil-Saric,
Armen Nersesyan, Athanasios Athanasiou, Nazim Serdar Turhal; pp 1082-1087 (Abstract, PDF)

Increasing performance of a hospital-based cancer registry: Hacettepe University hospitals experience
T. Kutluk, K. Mutlu Hayran, S. Kilickap, D. Yuce, I. Celik, M. Erman, S. Yalcin; pp 1088-1096 (AbstractPDF)


Possible role for furazolidone in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
Petros N. Karamanakos; p 1097 (Abstract, PDF)

Dissociated evolution of a multifocal primary CNS lymphoma
C. Bagacean, M. Zdrenghea, C. Popescu, I. Quintin-Roue, J-C. Ianotto, J-R. Eveillard, C. Berthou, A. Tempescul; p 1098 (AbstractPDF)

Correlation of serum proteomics patterns of sCD200 (OΧ-2), sApo-2L (sTRAIL), vitamin-D and homocysteine
to quantitative FDG-PET/CT findings in newly diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer
A. Bisgnin, A. D. Yalcin, S. Gumuslu, B. Kargi, A. Kargi, B. Savas, L.G. Strauss; pp 1099-1100 (AbstractPDF)


The eminent dermatologist Moriz Kaposi (1837-1902) and the first description of idiopathic multiple
pigmented sarcoma of the skin
M. Karamanou, C. Antoniou, A.J. Stratigos, Z. Saridaki, G. Androutsos; pp 1101-1105 (AbstractPDF)


In vol.18 (1): 124-130,2013 issue (c-MYC and h-TERT co-expression in colon adenocarcinoma: a tissue microarray
digitized image analysis) there was a mistake in the authors’ names sequence. The correct sequence
is: Georgakopoulos G., Tsiambas E., Korkolopoulos P., Kavantzas N., Karameris A., Ragkos V., Rigopoulos
D.N.,Vilaras G. ,Athanasiou A.E., Tatsiou D., Patsouris E. The authors apologise for their mistake.

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