Volume 7, Issue 3 (Jul-Sep 2002)

Radiotherapy fractionation in the beginning of the 21st Century (pages 195 to 206)

L. Gocheva (Department of Radiotherapy, Medical University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Immunohistochemical prognostic markers in bladder cancer (pages 207 to 216)

E. Ioachim (Department of Pathology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece), N. E. Stavropoulos, K. Charalabopoulos, N. J. Agnantis

The role of radiotherapy in the management of diabetes insipidus caused by Langerhans cell histiocytosis (pages 217 to 219)

A. N. Demiral (Akdeniz University Medical School, Department of Radiation Oncology, Antalya, Turkey)

Accelerated radiotherapy in locally advanced head-neck carcinomas are concomitant boost and chemotherapy feasible in the routine outpatient-based radiotherapy clinic (pages 221 to 228)

F. Akman (Dokuz Eyll Head and Neck Carcinomas Group, Izmir, Turkey Department of Radiation Oncology, Dokuz Eyll Medical School, Izmir, Turkey), M. en, T. Erdag, O. etinayak, F. Eyiler

Diagnosis and treatment of primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the parotid gland a retrospective study – Experience at the Northern Israel Oncology Center (1977-1999) (pages 229 to 233)

M. E. Stein (Northern Israel Oncology Center, Rambam Medical Center and Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel), A. Kuten, M. Ben-Shachar, K. Drumea, J. Zidan, E. Gez, N. Haim, R. Epelbaum

Completion pneumonectomy for lung cancer (pages 235 to 240)

N. Baltayiannis (Department of Thoracic Surgery, Metaxa Cancer Hospital, Piraeus, Greece), D. Anagnostopoulos, N. Bolanos, L. Tsourelis

Organ-sparing treatment of invasive transitional cell bladder carcinoma (pages 241 to 245)

C. Damyanov (Department of Urology, National Oncological Center, Sofia, Bulgaria), B. Tsingilev, V. Tabakov, R. Simeonov

Radical hysterectomy for stage IB1 cervical carcinoma lymph node metastasis as a prognostic factor (pages 247 to 250)

P. Novakovi (Institute of Oncology Sremska Kamenica, Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Sremska Kamenica, Yugoslavia), A. Mandi, T. Vujkov, M. Tei, J. Rajovi, M. ivaljevi, M. Popovi

Distribution of high-risk HPV types in Yugoslav women with cervical neoplasia (pages 251 to 256)

J. Stojanovi (Institute of Medical Research, Beograd, Yugoslavia), Z. Magi, M. Milaci, D. Nenadi, B. Stanimirovi, D. Vukicevi

Correlation of imprint cytology and histopathologic findings in bone tumors (pages 257 to 260)

R. Bokun (Institute of Pathology, Military Medical Academy, Beograd, Yugoslavia)

Development of a national protocol for a high activity Ir brachytherapy source calibration (pages 261 to 271)

N. T. Miloevi (Institute of Biophysics, Medical School, University of Beograd, Beograd, Yugoslavia), J. Stankovi

Successful management of extracranial metastases from cerebral high-grade oligodendroglioma report of a case with literature review (pages 273 to 276)

D. Pectasides (Department of Medical Oncology-A, Metaxa Cancer Hospital, Piraeus,Greece), A. Halikia, A. Visvikis, N. Bountouroglou, I. Tzikas, I. Iakovidou, A. E. Athanassiou

Primary Sjgren’s syndrome complicated with development of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma- a case report and literature review (pages 277 to 280)

M. Panchovska (Clinic of Rheumatology, Higher Medical Institute, Plovdiv, Bulgaria), Tz. Petranova, Y. Sheitanov, R. Stoilov, R. Kolarov, D. Bobeva

An unusual case of fat necrosis of the breast (pages 281 to 282)

M. J.A. Turner (Cambridge Breast Unit, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK), S. Amerasekera, R. Cantwell, A. D. Purushotham

Endoscopic diagnosis of ureteral obstruction secondary to metastatic breast carcinoma (pages 283 to 285)

I. Gialas (Department of Urology, Metaxa Cancer Hospital, Piraeus, Greece), D. Petsis, I. Bogdanos, K. Milathianakis, A. Tsintavis

[Retracted]  Incisional metastasis after cervical mediastinoscopy a case report (pages 287 to 290)

N. Baltayiannis (Department of Thoracic Surgery, Metaxa Cancer Hospital, Piraeus, Greece), D. Anagnostopoulos, N. Bolanos, L. Tsourelis, D. Doltsiniadis

(This article has been retracted. See the Retraction notice here)

Milestones in the study of bladder tumors and the contribution of Sir Henry Thompson (1820-1904) (pages 291 to 295)

G. Androutsos (History of Medicine, Medical School of Ioannina, University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece)

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