Volume 8, Issue 2 (Apr-Jun 2003)

Good Scientific Practice ethical codex of science. II Proposals for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice (pages 93 to 95)

D. Miloevi (Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Beograd, Yugoslavia), Lj. Vukovi-Deki

Controversies in the management of non-small cell lung cancer chemotherapy around surgery pre or post-operative (pages 97 to 100)

M. Dediu (Department of Medical Oncology, Institute of Oncology Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania)

Adjuvant chemotherapy of premenopausal breast cancer patients and patients under 35 years of age (pages 101 to 104)

S. Vrbi (Clinic of Oncology, University Clinical Center, Ni, Yugoslavia), S. Filipovi, I. Pejci

Highlights of the revised histological classification of epithelial lung tumors (pages 105 to 110)

N. I. Agnantis (Department of Pathology, University of Ioannina Medical School, Ioannina,Greece), E. Arcoumani, D. Stefanou

Supportive care in patients with metastatic prostate cancer (pages 111 to 120)

S. Bosnjak (Department of Clinical PharmacologyOncological Intensive Care Unit, Institute for Oncology andRadiology of Serbia, Beograd, Serbia), S. Jeli

Survival outcomes in aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma according to the International Prognostic Index (pages 121 to 126)

S. Alici (Department of Medical Oncology, Institute of Oncology, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey), S. E. Bavbek, E. Kaytan, M. Basaran, G. Bulutlar, H. Onat

Recombinant human erythropoietin for platinum-based chemotherapy-induced anaemia A single-centre randomised study (pages 127 to 132)

G. Aravantinos (3rd Department of Medical Oncology, Agii Anargiri Cancer Hospital, Athens, Greece), H. Linardou, D. Makridaki, E. Laiou, A. Zafiropoulos, J. Janninis, G. Sofos, D. Gikas, E. Samantas, S. Markantoni-Kyroudi

Bone marrow micrometastases as a prognostic factor in early breast cancer patients (pages 133 to 137)

E. Alexandrova (Department of Thoracic Surgery, National Cancer Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria), S. Sergieva, V. Nikolova, S. Danon

Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of serum S-100 beta protein in patients with malignant melanoma (pages 139 to 141)

S. Vrbi (Clinic of Oncology, Clinical Center Ni, Serbia and Montenegro), S. Filipovi, I. Peji, M. Vrbi, A. Filipovi

Cancer in populations living in regions with radioecological problems in Bulgaria (pages 143 to 146)

N. Chobanova (Radiation Epidemiology Laboratory, National Center of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, Sofia, Bulgaria), G. Genchev, A. Yagova, L. Georgieva

Epidemiology of breast cancer in the city of Ni, Serbia (pages 147 to 150)

B. Petrovi (Institute for Public Health, Department of Epidemiology, University Clinical Center, Ni, Yugoslavia), B. Koci, S. Filipovi, N. Rani, A. Filipovi

Surface topography and ultrastructure correlation between human breast infiltrating ductal carcinoma of non special type and coexisting human breast infiltrating ductal carcinoma of non special type with in situ comedo carcinoma (pages 151 to 156)

G. E. Voloudakis (Department of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Electron Microscopy, Saint Savas Cancer Hospital, Athens, Greece), G. E. Baltatzis, D. Stefanou, N. J. Agnantis, I. E. Voloudakis-Baltatzis

Determination of dose distributions and dose rates in the gamma knife (pages 157 to 161)

Z. Isbakan (Department of Radiation Oncology, Marmara University, Istanbul,Turkey), H. Bilge, O. Senkesen, H. Kucucuk, M. Sengoz

Trauma as an etiologic factor of primary bone lymphoma a report of 4 cases (pages 163 to 166)

M. E. Stein (Department of Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy, Oldchurch Hospital, RomfordEssex, UK), D. C. Lewis, A. R. Gershuny, M. M. Quigley, J. Zaidan, N. Siegelmann Danieli, J. Whelan, R. Subramanian

Synchronous and metachronous flat adenomas in colorectal cancer single institution experience (pages 167 to 169)

J. Josifovski (Department of Gastroenterology, Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia,Beograd, Yugoslavia), D. Pilcevi, M. Koci, M. Ini

FNA cytology of collagenous spherulosis: recognizing a benign breast lesion (pages 171 to 172)

S. N. Divani (Department of Cytology, Volos General Hospital, Volos, Greece), L. Mavrogiannis, J. Kostis, A. Lioupis

Desmoid-type fibromatosis in childhood report of 3 cases with review of the literature (pages 173 to 176)

L. Marinova (Department of Radiotherapy, University Hospital Queen Giovanna, Sofia, Bulgaria), I. Christosova, I. Koleva, Z. Zachariev

Two autoimmune diseases Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and vitiligo accompanying breast cancer; A coincidence (pages 177 to 179)

S. Barutca (Adnan Menderes University, School of Medicine Department of 1Medical Oncology, Aydin, Turkey), G. Kadikoylu, N. Meydan, Z. Bolaman, A. Gokcen, F. Bal

Gastric teratoma in a 2-month-old boy (pages 181 to 183)

B. Balev (Department of Radiology, Medical University, Varna, Bulgaria), B. Pacholova, G. Kirova, I. Temelkova, I. Krasnaliev

Maurice Chevassu (1877-1957) a pioneer of the study and therapy of testicular neoplasms (pages 185 to 190)

G. Androutsos (Institute of History of Medicine, University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France)

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