Volume 25, Issue 6 (November-December 2020)

Volume 25, issue 6 (November-December 2020)


Research Exceptionalism and Opportunism During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dimitrios Moris ; pp 2533-2536 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)



Detection of critical genes associated with poor prognosis in breast cancervia integrated bioinformatics analyses

Donghua Liu, Jinfeng Zhang, Liang Li, Qiuming Wang, Yongquan Lan; pp 2537-2545 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Overexpression of PIK3CA impacts global survival of patients with HER2 subtype breast carcinoma

Sidnei Iensen Felicidade, Emily Ferreira Salles Pilar, Joara Predebom Flores Texeira, Guilherme Watte, Gabriela Remonatto, Rita de Cássia Sant’Anna Alves, Adriana Vial Roehe; pp 2546-2551 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

CXCL13/CXCR5are potential biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis for breast cancer

Li Jiang, Dong Wang, Mengfei Sheng, Deyong Tong, Hanchen Liu, Liangliang Dong, Jianjun Ma; pp 2552-2561 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Efficacy and safety evaluation of eribulin-trastuzumab combination therapy with heavily pretreated HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer

Furkan Sarici, Kadri Altundag; pp 2562-2569 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Correlations of HACE1 expression with pathological stages, CT features and prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma patients

Zhiqiang Zhang, Minmin Teng, Zhiying Teng, Dewei Wang; pp 2570-2575 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Effect of radical resection combined with antiviral therapy in patients with hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma and prognostic analysis

Chunfang Xiao, Lili Huang, Nan Xiao, Junjie Lun; pp 2576-2583 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Efficacy of licartin combined with transcatheter hepatic arterial chemoembolization in the treatment of middle-advanced primary liver cancer

Jing Jin, Tanyang Zhou, Jianying Lou, Sheng Yan, Yingsheng Wu, Minjie Xie, Weilin Wang; pp 2584-2591 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


MiR-489 inhibits proliferation and apoptosis of glioblastoma multiforme cells via regulating TWIST1 expression

Feng Xiao, Weijian Fan, Xin Huang, Zebin Fang, Xiujue Zheng; pp 2592-2599 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

The importance of the blood levels of homocysteine, folate and vitamin B12 in patients with primary malignant brain tumors

Zivanka Djurovic, Vladimir Jovanovic, Radmila Obrenovic, Branko Djurovic, Ivan Soldatovic, Aleksandra Vranic, Vladimir Jakovljevic, Dragan Djuric, Vladimir Zivkovic; pp 2600-2607 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Therapeutic effect of thalidomide combined with temozolomide and three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy for patients with high-grade gliomas after operation

Linlin Sui, Yuzhen Li, Xueping Leng, Xuejun Shen; pp 2608-2615 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Efficacy of 125I seed implantation combined with intermittent hormonal therapy on moderate- and high-risk non-metastatic prostate cancer

Lintao Jiang, Chunhua Wan, Qinghao Guo, Jingdong Wu, Jun Cai; pp 2616-2622 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Efficacy of radical prostatectomy on prostate cancer patients and analysis of risk factors for biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy

Xinping Yang, Yuanyuan Shi, Yang Lin, Yuxin Tian; pp 2623-2628 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Hesperidin induces anticancer effects on human prostate cancer cells via ROS-mediated necrosis like cell death

Lei Ning, Weichong Zhao, Hua Gao, Yanlin Wu; 2629-2634 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


EGFR mutation testing from liquid biopsy of non-small cell lung cancer at the Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia

Milena Cavic, Ana Krivokuca, Marijana Pavlovic, Ivana Boljevic, Jelena Rakobradovic, Milica Mihajlovic, Miljana Tanic, Ana Damjanovic, Emina Malisic, Radmila Jankovic; pp 2635-2648 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Effect of thoracic hyperthermic perfusion with recombinant human endostatin plus nedaplatin in treating pleural effusion in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Lufeng Chen, Xuanxuan Zhu, Donglin Li, Xudong Cai; pp 2643-2649 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

MicroRNA-466 regulates the proliferation, migration and invasion of the human lung cancer cells by targeting transcription factor RUNX2

Rongzhang Liang, Xiaoming Cao, Youtang Li, Shengwen Chen, Yongquan Wu, Zhiyi Ma; 2650-2656 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


LINC00538 promotes the progression of colon cancer through inhibiting NKD2 expression

Hanqing Tang, Yuyu Dou, Yiliang Meng, Qinglan Lu, Lingling Liang, Ying Luo; pp 2657-2664 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

The role of miR-141/ Sirt1 in colon cancer

Yongliang Li, Feiteng Gu, Xi Lin; 2665-2671 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The role of neoadjuvant FLOT chemotherapy with and without omega 3 in locally advanced gastric carcinoma

Lamiss Mohamed abd elaziz, Tarek Salah, Fatma Gharib; pp 2672-2677 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Prognostic potential of miR-21-3p in gastric cancer

Xiaofen Sun, Kanru Zhang, Duoqiao Li; pp 2678-2682 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


MiR-218 restrains proliferation of cervical cancer cells via targeted regulation of HMGB1/RAGE pathway

Zhaoyang Jia, Li Jiang, Huihui Wang, Wei Gao; pp 2683-2689 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Identification of key pathways and biomarkers in anaplastic thyroid cancer using an integrated analysis

Jialu Zhou, Shuhui Dong, and Chao Shi; pp 2690-2699 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The value of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes as prognostic factor for lymph node status and survival amongst patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma

Vlad Alexandru Gata, Paul Milan Kubelac, Rares Buiga, Ioan Catalin Vlad, Dan Valean, Maximilian Vlad Muntean, Dragos Stefan Morariu, Eduard-Alexandru Bonci, Alexandru Irimie, Constantin Dina, Patriciu Andrei Achimas-Cadariu; pp 2700-2707 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Methylation of WWOX gene promotes proliferation of osteosarcoma cells

Yang Liu, Qingqing Wang, Pengjie Yu, Wei Miao, Chuanchuan Liu, Yongqiang Pu, Chengwu Zhang; pp 2708-2713 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Effect of transurethral partial cystectomy with 2.0 μm laser in treating superficial bladder cancer

Jianhai Tian, Ping Hu, Huaiyuan Guo, Jianping Xu, Tong Ren, Baodong Xin, Lulian Zhou; pp 2714-2720 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


PIWIL2 may serve as a prognostic predictor in cancers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Weigang Hu, Xifeng Sun, Tao Ye, Shaoqiang Feng, Qiongfang Ruan, Maomao Xi, Xueqing Zhou, Min Li, Ziqing Ye, Xueting Cheng, Weiguo Xie; pp 2721-2730 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

An evaluation of Pencil Beam vs Monte Carlo calculations for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery

Jacob Rembish, Pamela Myers, Neil Kirby, Daniel Saenz, Karl Rasmussen, Richard Crownover, Nikos Papanikolaou, Sotirios Stathakis; pp 2731-2736 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Baseline characteristics of a nationwide cohort of pediatric patients with acute leukemias of Down syndrome

Valentina Sas, Cristina Blag, Sergiu Pasca, Gheorghe Popa, Mirela Marian, Cristina Schnell, Daniela Voda, Smaranda-Teodora Arghirescu, Patric Teodorescu, Sabina Iluta, Cristina Turcas, Cristina Selicean, Anca Bojan, Mihnea Zdrenghea, Margit Serban, Delia Dima, Gabriela Zaharie, Anca Colita, Sorin Man, Ciprian Tomuleasa; pp 2737-2746 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

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