Volume 14, Issue 2 (April-June 2009)


The role of surgery in the management of malignant pleural mesothelioma

C.N. Foroulis, K. Zarogoulidis, C. Papakonstantinou; pp 173-182 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Non-small cell lung cancer: pulmonary parenchyma resection in lung-compromised patients

A. Stamatelopoulos, F. Kadjianis, L. Zoganas; pp 183-188 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

To kill tumor cells or permanently paralyze them in senescence?

K. Christov; pp 189-196 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)



Evaluation of the possible benefits of post-radiotherapy surgery after concomitant chemoradiotherapy with a new radio-sensitizing regimen (irinotecan / CPT-11, interferon A2b and amifostine) for advanced-stage cervical carcinoma. Preliminary results of a pilot phase-II study

G. Vorgias, E. Profitis, G. Sarris, S. Strigou, C. Kosmas, M. Katsoulis, E. Karamoussa, N. Kalinoglou,

N. Koliarakis, B. Dertimas, D. Bafaloukos, T. Akrivos; pp 197-202 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Do the time to chemotherapy response and the dose intensity have an impact on patient outcome in advanced non-small cell lung cancer?

D. Radosavljevic, I. Golubicic, D. Gavrilovic, I. Kezic, S. Jelic; pp 203-210 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Prognostic factors other than the performance status and age for glioblastoma multiforme: a single-institution experience

M. Caloglu, V. Yurut-Caloglu, H. Karagol, G. Bayir-Angin, F.N. Turan, C. Uzal; pp 211-218 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Early and late results of adjuvant treatment in colorectal cancer.The experience of the Emergency County hospital Alba Iulia – Romania

R.O. Curca; pp 219-224 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Brain metastases as late breast cancer relapse. Single institution experience and review of the literature

Z. Tomasevic, Lj. Radosevic-Jelic, D. Jovanovic, Z. Milovanovic, Z.M. Tomasevic,S. Jelic, N. Borojevic; pp 225-228 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Distant metastasis after radical treatment of breast cancer: risk factors and their prognostic relevance in 378 consecutive patients

I. Daskalova, S. Popovska, T. Betova, A. Velkova, N. Ivanova, G. Baitchev, T. Delijski; pp 229-234 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Radiographic size versus surgical size of renal masses: Which is the true size of the tumor?

B. Alicioglu, M. Kaplan, V. Yurut-Caloglu, U. Usta, S. Levent; pp 235-238 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Osteoporosis in women with breast cancer and its effect on quality of life: a pilot study

Y. Turan, Z. Kocaaga, O. Karakoyun-Celik, A. Gurgan, A. Duransoy; pp 239-244 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

The management of painful bone metastases with biphosphonates and palliative radiotherapy: a retrospective evaluation of 372 cases

U. Niang, S. Kamer, Z. Ozsaran, A. Haydaroglu, S. Kilciksiz; pp 245-250 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Is anterior oblique view alone in surgical position sufficient for preoperative sentinel lymph node mapping in breast cancer? A quantitative comparative analysis with conventional views

F. Dede, T. Ones, B.M. Gulluoglu, H. Memis, Z. Farsakoglu, B. Caliskan, B.M. Atasoy, T.Y. Erdil, S. Inanir, H.T. Turoglu; pp 251-258 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Morbidity and mortality of cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy in the management of peritoneal carcinomatosis

J. Spiliotis, A. Rogdakis, A. Vaxevanidou, A. Datsis, G. Zacharis, A. Christopoulou; pp 259-264 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Complementary-alternative medicine among cancer patients in the western region of Turkey

O. Tarhan, A. Alacacioglu, I. Somali, H. Sipahi, M. Zencir, I. Oztop, M. Dirioz, U. Yilmaz; pp 265-270 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Antitumor activity of Ru(III) complexes carrying β-diketonato ligands in vitro and in vivo

S.S. Arandjelovic, K.S. Bjelogrlic, N.N. Malesevic, Lj.Z. Tesic, S.S. Radulovic; pp 271-280 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Oxidative stress accelerates spontaneous apoptosis of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia lymphocytes

O. Djurdjevic, I. Zelen, P. Ristic, I. Jovanovic, V. Jakovljevic, D. Baskic, S. Popovic,N. Arsenijevic; pp 281-288 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

In vitro cytotoxicity of cyanobacteria from water ecosystems of Serbia

D. Cetojevic-Simin, Z. Svircev, V.V. Baltic; pp 289-294

(Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Primary thyroid lymphoma: case series with literature review

L. Kebapcilar, I. Alacacioglu, A. Comlekci, M.A. Ozcan, O. Piskin, A. Kargi, B. Undar, S. Yesil; pp 295-300 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Invasive inflammatory pseudotumor of the pelvis: A case report with review of the literature

U. Plesinac-Karapandzic, Z. Perisic, Z. Milovanovic, D. Vukicevic, D. Mileusnic, J. Stevanovic, Z. Rakocevic, M. Saric; pp 301-306 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Multiple myeloma presenting as massive ascites

I. Alacacioglu, N. Turgut, O. Piskin, M. Ali Ozcan, G. Hayri Ozsan, F. Demirkan, B. Undar; pp 307-308 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

A case of Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease misdiagnosed as Hodgkin’s lymphoma: the importance of second opinion…

F. Dane, M.A. Ozturk, T. Tecimer, B.M. Atasoy, D. Cabuk, P.F. Yumuk, G. Basaran,M. Teomete, N.S. Turhal; pp 309-312 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Non small cell lung cancer within the small cell lung cancer radiotherapy field after 11 years

F. Munzuroglu, S. Erturan, B. Oz, F.O. Dincbas, G. Demir; pp 313-316 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis presenting as bilateral sensorineural deafness and unilateral facial palsy

S. Mourgela, A. Sakellaropoulos, A. Ardavanis; pp 317-320 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Could the use of appropriate diet help in the prevention of multiple myeloma?

Z. Juranic, I. Besu, M. Dajak, A. Konic-Ristic; p 321 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Prolonged disease free survival with aggressive adjuvant chemotherapy in a case of large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the uterine cervix

M.C. Markopoulos, A.A. Lagadas, P. Alexandrou, K.C. Giannakopoulos, A. Polyzos; p 322 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

E-cadherin, b-catenin and topoisomerase II expression in rhabdomyosarcomas

P.N. Gogou, A. Batistatou, E.E. Pakos, N. Apostolikas, D. Stefanou, P.G. Tsekeris; p 323 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

An unusual case of recurrent non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma presented with massive ascites, peritoneal involvement and elevated CA-125 level

A. Doventas, I. Yildiz, T. Toptas, Z. Baslar, A. Bilici, D.S. Erdincler; pp 324-326 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The dawn of Clinical Oncology education in Greece

E. Briasoulis, D. Kardamakis; pp 327-332 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Aristotle and Darwin. Parallel Lives

S. Retsas; pp 333-338 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The history of x-ray therapy

M. Karamanou, A. Diamantis, L. Vladimiros, G. Androutsos; pp 339-344 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Women versus Men: Dear God, help me find if we are equal

N.M. Sitaras; pp 345-346 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

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