Volume 16, Issue 3 (July-September 2011)


Lapatinib in the treatment of HER-2 overexpressing breast cancer
E. Vrdoljak, M. Boban, M. Ban; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Peritoneal carcinomatosis 2011; it’s about time for chemosurgery
J.D. Spiliotis, E.A. Halkia, E. Efstathiou; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Antidiabetic pharmacology: a link between metabolic syndrome and neuro-oncology?
M. Aldea, C. Tomuleasa, B. Petrushev, S. Susman, G.L. Kacso, A. Irimie, I.S. Florian, O. Soritau; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Zingiber officinale Roscoe (ginger) as an adjuvant in cancer treatment: a review
M.M. Pereira, R. Haniadka, P.P. Chacko, P.L. Palatty, M.S. Baliga; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Barrett’s esophagus: treatment or observation of a major precursor factor of esophageal cancer?
P. Kountourakis, K. Papademetriou, A. Ardavanis, D. Papamichael; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Controversies in the management of advanced non-small cell lung cancer: maintenance therapy
M. Dediu; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)



Clinical and pathological characteristics of occult breast cancer and review of the literature
E. Altan, K. Altundag; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Baseline and therapy-induced chromosome damages in peripheral blood lymphocytes of breast cancer patients assessed by the micronucleus assay
O. Milosevic-Djordjevic, I. Stosic, M. Vuckovic, D. Grujicic, D. Marinkovic; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Simplified scoring system predicting HER-2 status in patients with breast carcinoma
M. Jovicic-Milentijevic, T. Tokic, N. Zivkovic, T. Dencic; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Breast conserving surgery in patients with multifocal/multicentric breast cancer
M.A. Eryilmaz, M. Muslumanoglu, V. Ozmen, A. Igci, M. Koc; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Application of sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer patients with clinically negative and positive axilla and role of axillary ultrasound examination to select patients for sentinel node biopsy
B. Kuru, M. Ali Gulcelik, K. Topgul, C. Ozaslan, S. Dinc, H. Dincer, M. Bozgul, M. Camlibel, H. Alagol; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Safety and efficacy of FOLFIRI-bevacizumab for metastatic colorectal carcinoma as second line treatment
H. Odabas, N. Ozdemir, M. Isik, H. Abali, B. Oksuzoglu, T. Kos, B. Civelek, A.N. Babacan, U. Dogan, N. Zengin; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Adjuvant therapy for gallbladder and bile duct cancers: retrospective comparative study
F. Tugba Kos, S. Aksoy, H. Odabas, N. Ozdemir, B. Oksuzoglu, D. Uncu, N. Zengin; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Patients with advanced cholangiocarcinoma benefit from chemotherapy if they are fit to receive it: single center experience
F. Kose, H. Abali, A. Sezer, A. Ali Besen, A. Taner Sumbul, C. Karadeniz, U. Disel, O. Ozyilkan; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Gastric cancer and adjuvant chemoradiotherapy: when and where, that’s the question
I. Kantzou, G. Sarris, M. Poulizi, A. Zygogianni, T. Liakakos, J. Kouvaris, N. Bountouroglou, V. Kouloulias; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Prognostic significance of the metastatic lymph node ratio for survival in colon cancer
S. Tuna, M. Dalkilic Calis, B. Sakar, F. Aykan, H. Camlica, E. Topuz; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Clinical patterns and treatment outcome in resected elderly lung cancer patients
T.N. Adzic, M.D. Vasiljevic, J.M. Stojsic, D.R. Subotic, G.D. Radosavljevic-Asic, D. Bouros; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The application of magnetic resonance imaging in preoperative evaluation of patients with endometrial carcinoma
A. Petric, D. Stojanov, V. Lilic, S. Filipovic, P. Bosnjakovic, R. Zivadinovic, G. Lilic, I. Todorovska, S. Vrbic, I. Pejcic; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Recurrence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasias with negative cone margins: risk factors
R. Zivadinovic, G. Lilic, V. Lilic, A. Petric, S. Filipovic, I. Todorovska; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The clinical and pathological features of patients with hematological neoplasms: A study of hospital-based Cancer Registry from western Turkey
S. Kilciksiz, M. Pehlivan, E.B. Yilmaz, B. Payzin, S. Bener, A. Baloglu; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Expression profile of Rho kinases in urinary bladder cancer
D. Volanis, A. Zaravinos, T. Kadiyska, D. Delakas, V. Zoumpourlis, D.A. Spandidos; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Quality of life and pre-operative anxiety level in patients scheduled to undergo thoracic surgery
M. Anagnostopoulou, K. Stroumpoulis, N. Baltayiannis, G. Voyagis, D. Haniotis, N. Iacovidou, L. Papadimitriou, T. Xanthos; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Health related quality of life and late side effects of long-term survivors of Ewing’s sarcoma of bone
J.L. Lopez-Guerra, C. Marquez-Vega, J.M. Praena-Fernandez, G.L. Ramirez-Villar, R. Ordonez, P. Cabrera, M.J. Ortiz; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Quality of life of physicians and nurses working in an oncology clinic
T. Yavuzsen, A. Alacacioglu, M. Dirioz, U. Yilmaz; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Triple drug combination in the prevention of nausea and vomiting following busulfan plus cyclophosphamide chemotherapy before allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
W. Pielichowski, K. Gawronski, B. Mlot, S. Oborska, A. Wasko-Grabowska, P. Rzepecki; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Temozolomide-related infections: review of the literature
M.C. Kizilarslanoglu, S. Aksoy, N.O. Yildirim, E. Ararat, I. Sahin, K. Altundag; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Comparison of the treatment results after conventional and myeloablative chemotherapy in patients with poor prognosis Ewing’s sarcoma family tumors – single center experience
B. Avramova, M. Jordanova, D. Konstantinov, I. Hristozova, I. Shtarbanov, Dr. Bobev; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Frequency of comorbid illnesses in cancer patients in Turkey
H. Abali, A. Ata, M. Ozdogan, S. Turhal, D. Cabuk, E. Seyrek, H. Senol Coskun, Z. Arik, M. Erman, I. Celik; the Turkish Oncology group; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The role of the psychologist in the preparation of young children for radiotherapy: short review
J. Bokun, T. Klikovac, D. Vujic, M. Nikitovic; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Pure mucinous carcinoma of the breast: a single center experience
E. Dogan, S. Aksoy, O. Dizdar, C. Arslan, D.S. Dede, Y. Ozisik, K. Altundag; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Bilateral nephromegaly and acute renal failure in a patient with primary diffuse large B cell lymphoma of the kidneys
S. Serefhanoglu, B. Bitik, A. Aybal, D. Ertoy Baydar, A. Gurlek; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Vitamin D intake may be effective in the management of triple-negative breast cancer
H. Harputluoglu, O. Dizdar, F. Karaahmet, K. Altundag; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Primary malignant melanoma of the rectum presenting with lower gastrointestinal bleeding
A.O. Kaya, H.S. Orhun-Yavuz, E. Ucgul, A. Kurt; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Ipsilateral axillary recurrence of breast cancer 22 years after primary surgery: the latest recurrence in the literature
D. Turgut, I. Kalan, D.S. Dede, E. Dogan, K. Altundag; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Joseph-Claude-Anthelme Récamier (1774-1852): forerunner in surgical oncology
G. Androutsos, M. Karamanou, E. Lycouras, E. Stamboulis, G. Tsoucalas, A.A. Kousoulis, D. Mandelenaki; (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

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