Volume 20, Issue 3 (May-June 2015)


The role of CDCP1 (CUB domain-containing protein 1) and ADAM12 (a disintegrin and metalloproteinase 12) in ovarian cancer
Catalin Vlad, Paul Kubelac, Andrea Onisim, Alexandru Irimie, Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu; pp 673-679 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

HIF-1α in colorectal carcinoma: review of the literature
Maria Ioannou, Efrosyni Paraskeva, Korina Baxevanidou, George Simos, Roidoula Papamichali, Constantina Papacharalambous, Maria Samara, George Koukoulis; pp 680-689 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Oral administration of antineoplastic agents: the challenges for healthcare professionals
Dusanka Tadic, Ivana Bozovic Spasojevic, Zorica I. Tomasevic, Slavica Djukic Dejanovic; pp 690-698 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Current insights into the association of Nestin with tumor angiogenesis
Andrea Onisim, Andrei Achimas-Cadariu, Catalin Vlad, Paul Kubelac, Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu; pp 699-706 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)



Quercetin reverses tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells
Hongxian Wang, Linyu Tao, Ke Qi, Haoyun Zhang, Duo Feng, Wenjun Wei, Heng Kong, Tianwen Chen, Qiusheng Lin; pp 707-713 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Are neutrophil / lymphocyte ratio and platelet / lymphocyte ratio associated with prognosis in patients with HER2-positive early breast cancer receiving adjuvant trastuzumab?
Arife Ulas, Nilufer Avci, Tugba Kos, Erdem Cubukcu, Omer Fatih Olmez, Nilufer Bulut, Mustafa Degirmenci; pp 714-722 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Breast cancer in postmenopausal patients: Impact of age
Zaki Abu Rabi, Tamara Zoranovic, Jelena Milovanovic, Natasa Todorovic-Rakovic, Dragica Nikolic-Vukosavljevic; pp 723-729 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Importance of Ki-67 in human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 positive breast cancer
Bulent Erdogan, Esma Turkmen, Tülin Deniz Yalta, Ufuk Usta, Hilmi Kodaz, İlhan Hacibekiroglu, Ozgur Tanriverdi, Sernaz Uzunoglu, Irfan Cicin; pp 730-736 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

The lymph node ratio as an independent prognostic factor for non-metastatic node-positive breast cancer recurrence and mortality
Mustafa Solak, Fatma P Turkoz, Ozge Keskin, Sercan Aksoy, Taner Babacan, Furkan Sarici, Neyran Kertmen, Ali R Sever, Kadri Altundag; pp 737-745 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


CALy Prognostic Score (CEA, ALP, Lymphocyte Count) as a predictor of survival after hepatectomy for liver-only colorectal metastases
Kyriakos Neofytou, Alexandros Giakoustidis, Satvinder Mudan; pp 746-755 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Investigation of treatment methods in obstructive colorectal cancer
Bing-Qiang Lin, Rong-Lin Wang, Qing-Xiang Li, Wen Chen, Zheng-Yuan Huang; pp 756-761 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Assessment and biological significance of JC polyomavirus in colorectal cancer in Tunisia
Feryel Ksiaa, Asma Allous, Sonia Ziadi, Moncef Mokni, Mounir Trimeche; pp 762-769 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Lack of associations between XPC polymorphisms and colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis
Guiyu Wang, Haiming Sun, Zheng Liu, Rui Huang, Yinggang Chen, Qingchao Tang, Lei Yu, Zheng Jiang, Xishan Wang; pp 770-774 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Important prognostic factors for the long-term survival in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with combination of chemotherapy and conformal radiotherapy
Simonida Crvenkova, Meri Pesevska; pp 775-781 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

An approach of selecting appropriate markers from the primary tumor to enable detection of circulating tumor cells in patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Ujjwala M. Warawdekar, Mohamed M. Sirajuddin, Conjeevaram S. Pramesh, Rajesh C. Mistry; pp 782-790 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Risk factors for recurrence in patients with resected N1 non-small cell lung cancer – a systematic review and meta-analysis
Hui Luo, Lili Qiao, Ning Liang, Jiandong Zhang; pp 791-799 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Early initiation of fluorouracil-based adjuvant chemotherapy improves survival in patients with resectable gastric cancer
Jing-Lei Qu, Xiu-Juan Qu, Xin Li, Jing-Dong Zhang, Yue-E Teng, Bo Jin, Ming-Fang Zhao, Ping Yu, Jing Liu, Dong-Yang Li, Yun-Peng Liu; pp 800-807 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Revisiting post-gastrectomy anemia with a brief survey among a group of Turkish medical oncologists
Orhan Onder Eren, Ozlem Uysal Sonmez, Hasan Atilla Ozkan, Basak Oyan; pp 808-811 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


TNM staging system may be superior to Lugano and Ann Arbor systems in predicting the overall survival of patients with primary gastrointestinal lymphoma
Shujian Chang, Xin Shi, Zhenyu Xu, Quan Liu; pp 812-819 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

BCL2 positive and BCL6 negative diffuse large B cell lymphoma patients benefit from R-CHOP therapy irrespective of germinal and non germinal center B cell like subtypes
Maja Perunicic Jovanovic, Biljana Mihaljevic, Ljubomir Jakovic, Vesna Cemerikic Martinovic, Marija Dencic Fekete, Bosko Andjelic, Darko Antic, Andrija Bogdanovic, Novica Boricic, Tatjana Terzic, Jelena Jelicic, Sanja Milenkovic; pp 820-828 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Association of miR-146a rs2910164 polymorphism with squamous cell carcinoma risk: a meta-analysis
Xiuling Zhang, Rongquan He, Fanghui Ren, Ruixue Tang, Gang Chen; pp 829-841 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Performance indicators collected from primary health centres included in organised cervical cancer screening programme in the Republic of Serbia
Tamara Naumovic, Verica Jovanovic, Dragan Ilic, Uros Rakic, Damjan Mirkov, Zivko Perisic; pp 842-846 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Does neoadjuvant chemotherapy plus cytoreductive surgery improve survival rates in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer compared with cytoreductive surgery alone?
Ulas Solmaz, Emre Mat, Murat Levent Dereli, Volkan Turan, Nuri Peker, Gokhan Tosun, Askin Dogan, Mehmet Adiyeke, Aykut Ozdemir, Kemal Gungorduk, Muzaffer Sanci, Yusuf Yildirim; pp 847-854 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Kallikrein expression as a prognostic factor in ovarian cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Ying Wu, Man Lu, Qiaodan Zhou; pp 855-861 (Pubmed Abstr, PDF)

Utilization of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in the preoperative assessment of patients with adnexal masses
MIlan Terzic, Jelena Dotlic, Jovan Bila, Igor Pilic, Branka Nikolic, Dusica Kocijancic, Ivana Likic, Nebosja Arsenovic, Tihomir Mihailovic, Diana Bugarski; pp 862-869 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Prognostic value of vascular endothelial growth factor expression in women with ovarian cancer: A meta-analysis
Guo Hui, Mao Meng; pp 870-878 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Supracricoid partial laryngectomy: oncological and functional results
Antonio Pastore, Francesco Stomeo, Chiara Bianchini, Andrea Ciorba, Stefano Savini, Roberto Merlo, Giulia Chiarello, Nicola Malagutti, Stefano Pelucchi; pp 879-885 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Effect on long-term survival of psychiatric disorder, inflammation, malnutrition, and radiotherapy-related toxicity in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer
Dilek Unal, Celalettin Eroglu, Saliha Demirel Ozsoy, Asli Besirli, Okan Orhan, Bunyamin Kaplan; pp 886-893 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Gefitinib causes growth arrest and inhibition of metastasis in human chondrosarcoma cells
Jian Song, Jiaxue Zhu, Qiang Zhao, Baofang Tian; pp 894-901 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Increased cancer risk associated with the -607C/A polymorphism in interleukin-18 gene promoter: an updated meta-analysis including 12,502 subjects
Xiangnan Li, Dongliang Ren, Yanyan Li, Jingchao Xu, Chen Liu, Yongfu Zhao; pp 902-917 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

A meta-analysis of MTRR A66G polymorphism and colorectal cancer susceptibility
Ping-Ping Wu, Ri-Ning Tang, Li An; pp 918-922 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Feasibility of rapid infusion of the initial dose of bevacizumab in patients with cancer
Gregory Makris, Areti Kantzioura, Maria Beredima, Maria Karampola, Christos Emmanouilides; pp 923-927 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Bleomycin-induced pneumonitis in three patients treated with chemotherapy for primary advanced seminoma
Moshe E. Stein, Jamal Zidan, Tomer Charas, Anthony Gershuny, Rahamim Ben-Yosef; pp 928-932 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Colonic polyp harboring lung cancer metastasis: An unpleasant surprise
Despoina Myoteri, Dionysios Dellaportas, Adamantia Zizi-Sermpetzoglou; p 933 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Peri-operative maintenance of dual antiplatelet therapy is safe in patients requiring laser cordectomy for laryngeal cancer
Petros V. Vlastarakos, Anna Sampatakaki, Alexandros Kouloumbinis, Thomas P. Nikolopoulos; p 934 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

Can aromatase inhibitors cause forgetfulness in women with breast cancer?
Can aromatase inhibitors cause forgetfulness in women with breast cancer?; p 935 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)


Electromagnetic machines in cancer treatment: The “Priore affair”
Marianna Karamanou, Theodore G. Papaioannou, Gregory Tsoucalas, Konstantinos Laios, George Androutsos; pp 936-939 (Pubmed AbstrPDF)

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