Volume 25, Issue 1 (January-February 2020)


Ljiljana Vučković-Dekić (1943 – 2019)

Nasos Athanasiou, Siniša Radulović, Dusica Gavrilović (PDF)


Combining immune checkpoint inhibitors with denosumab: a new era in repurposing denosumab in oncology?

Maria V. Deligiorgi, Mihalis I. Panayiotidis, Dimitrios T. Trafalis; pp 1-14 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

GISTs of the large intestine: review of the literature

Athanasios Syllaios, Dimitrios Schizas, Spyridon Davakis, Antonios Koutras, Michail Vailas, Nikolaos Machairas, Efstratia Mpaili, Evangelos Felekouras; pp 15-22 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Exosomal miRNAs in colorectal cancer: the carriers of useful news

Daniel Sur, Ovidiu Coza, Andrei Havasi, Calin Cainap, Claudia Burz,Simona Sorana Cainap, Catalin Vlad, Ovidiu Balacescu, Alexandru Irimie,Cosmin Lisencu; pp 23-34 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer and anorectal sphincter dysfunction: Review of the literature

Dimitrios Massaras, Eirini Pantiora,   Eirini Sotirova,   Dionysios Dellaportas,    Nikolaos Dafnios, Anna Zygogianni,  Theodosios Theodosopoulos; pp 35-39 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Circulating tumor cells in gynaecological malignancies

Imrich Kiss, Katarina Kolostova, Ireneusz Pawlak, Vladimir Bobek; 40-50 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Which is the best neoadjuvant (pre-surgery) chemoradiation regimen for locally advanced rectal carcinoma? Short or long course of radiation therapy? Do we have new data?

Georgios Koukourakis; 51-61 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Cancer pain… who cares? International and national patterns of evidence-based global guidelines recommendations for physicians on the Web (2011 vs. 2018)

Davide Mauri, Konstantina Kalopita, Lampriani Tsali, Nikolaos P. Polyzos, Antonis Valachis, Panagiotis Filis, Georgios Zarkavelis, Christos Georgopoulos, Georgia Zafeiri, Melina Yerolatsite, Nikolaos Papaioannou, Fani Kapoulitsa Dimitrios Valsamidis, Evangelia Peponi, Thomas Vrekoussis, Panagiotis Ntellas, Eleftheria Tzamachou, Georgios Pentheroudakis; pp 62-73 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)



Tormentic acid induces anticancer effects in cisplatin-resistant human cervical cancer cells mediated via cell cycle arrest, ROS production, and targeting mTOR/PI3K/AKT signalling pathway

Jinrong Wu, Ning Wang, Gang Jin, Lili Xue; 74-79 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Efficacy of bevacizumab combined with nedaplatin in the treatment of ovarian cancer and its effects on tumor markers and immunity of patients

Hongmei Zhang, Chenchen Chen, Shuyuan Wang, Xiaoxia Li, Tingting Fan; pp 80-86 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Ovatodiolide exerts anticancer effects on human cervical cancer cells via mitotic catastrophe, apoptosis and inhibition of NF-kB pathway

Jian Ou, Fanxu Meng, Jinyu Liu, Dongqing Li, Huifang Cao, Baosheng Sun; pp 87-92 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Bismahanine exerts anticancer effects on human cervical cancer cells by inhibition of growth, migration and invasion via suppression of NF-kB signalling pathway

Limin Yu, Yan Sun, Jing Su, Xiang Li; pp 93-98 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

A cohort retrospective study of high-risk HPV recurrence in Greek women after cervical lesion treatment through detection of viral E6/E7 mRNA expression

Fausto Carcea, Angelos Daniilidis, Eleftherios Vavoulidis, Maria Nasioutziki, Alexios Papanikolaou, Konstantinos Dinas; pp 99-107 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

3D MRI-based evaluation of the 2D brachytherapy planning in patients with advanced cervical cancer: An analysis of the delivered dose

Aleksandar Tomasevic, Vesna Plesinac Karapandzic, Suzana Stojanovic Rundic, Sandra Vuckovic, Petar Milinkovic, Dusica Gavrilovic, Dragoslava Marjanovic, Dragana Stanic, Mirjana Mikov, Predrag Petrasinovic; pp 108-115 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Awareness and knowledge about HPV infection and HPV vaccination among women undergoing cytology and colposcopy in Serbian cervical cancer counseling center

Olivera Djuric, Ljiljana Markovic-Denic, Svetlana Popovac, Jovana Todorovic, Vuk Marusic, Natasa Maksimovic; pp 116-124 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy combined with radical surgery in cervical cancer

Xiang’ai Meng, Yanfeng Chu, Yingying Pan, Lihong Han, Zhen Meng, Xiuling Wang; pp 125-131 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Association of IL-10 (rs1800872) and IL-4R (rs1805010) polymorphisms with cervical intraepithelial lesions and cervical carcinomas

Sotirija Duvlis, Drage Dabeski, Predrag Noveski, Ljube Ivkovski, Dijana Plaseska-Karanfilska; pp 132-140 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The impact of structured education of breast cancer patients receiving capecitabine on mental disorders

Dusanka Tadic, Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, Zorica I. Tomasevic, Danijela Djokovic, Vladimir Janjic; pp 141-151 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

MicroRNA-322 regulates the growth, chemosensitivity, migration and invasion of breast cancer cells by targeting NF-kB1

Junbo Hu, Peng Guo, Yanli Zhang, Ziming Huang, Bo Chen; pp 152-158 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Prognostic significance of EGFR, MUC1 and PD-L1 expressions in cases with triple negative breast cancer

Cem Mirili, Semra Paydas, Emine Bagir Kilic, Gulsah Seydaoglu, Ali Ogul, Serkan Gokcay, Mahmut Buyuksimsek, Abdullah Evren Yetisir, Bilgin Karaalioglu, Mert Tohumcuoglu, Melek Ergin, Suzan Zorludemir; pp 159-167 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Predictive factors of pathological response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer

Dinara Ryspayeva, Andrey Lyashenko, Irina Dosenko, Oleksey Kostryba, Olena Koshyk, Mykhailo Krotevych, Ivan Smolanka; pp 168-175 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Protective effect of rs712 polymorphism in a let-7 microRNA-binding of KRAS gene in breast cancer of a Mexican population

Martha Patricia Gallegos-Arreola, Carlos Jovany Briseño-Zuno, Luis Eduardo Figuera, Guillermo Moisés Zúñiga-González, Carlos Iván Perales-Mederos, Ana María Puebla-Pérez, Mónica Alejandra Rosales-Reynoso; pp 176-181 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Neutrophils-to-lymphocytes, lymphocytes to-monocytes and platelets-to-lymphocytes ratios – predictive biomarkers for response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer

Alexandra Caziuc, Diana Schlanger, Giorgiana Amarinei, George-Calin Dindelegan; pp 182-187 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Naturally occurring glycyrrhizin triterpene exerts anticancer effects on colorectal cancer cells via induction of apoptosis and autophagy and suppression of cell migration and invasion by targeting MMP-9 and MMP-2 expression

Zhihang Zhang, Meng Xu, Xu Sun, Xu Guo; pp 188-193 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Knockdown of ZEB2-AS1 inhibits cell invasion and induces apoptosis in colorectal cancer

Xiongjian Wu, Haiyan Zhu, Yuan Xie, Xiaoxiang Gu, Lei Zhang, Lixing Huang; pp 194-201 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Selective efficacy and safety of first-line and non-front-line antineoplasic agent combinations determined with individualized assays on colorectal cancer primary cultures

Elsa N. Garza-Trevino, Herminia G. Martínez-Rodríguez, Martha S. Rodríguez-González, Paulina Delgado-González, Juan F. González Guerrero, Irma S. García-González, Juan Pablo Flores-Gutiérrez, Adolfo Soto-Domínguez, Salvador Said-Fernández; pp 202-211 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Survival of patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer treated with bevacizumab and FOLFOX4

Miljana Dzunic, Marija Andjelkovic-Apostolovic, Svetislav Vrbic, Ivica Pejcic, Ivan Petkovic, Ana Cvetanovic Sasa Dinic; pp 212-219 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Comparison of laparoscopic complete mesocolic excision and traditional radical operation for colon cancer in the treatment of stage III colon cancer

Dong Yan, Xiongfei Yang, Yaoxing Duan, Weisheng Zhang, Lili Feng, Tao Wang, Binbin Du; pp 220-226 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Mean platelet volume and platelet distribution width correlates with prognosis of early colon cancer

Aysegul Sakin, Suleyman Sahin, Abdullah Sakin, Fatih Karatas, Nilay Sengul Samanci, Nurgul Yasar, Serdar Arici, Cumhur Demir, Caglayan Geredeli, Okan Dikker, Sener Cihan; pp 227-239 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Laparoscopic and conventional left hemicolectomy in colon cancer

Wei Cui, Guangyu Zhu, Taicheng Zhou, Xiang Mao, Xinhai Wang, Yongshun Chen; pp 240-247 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


In vitro anticancer effects of levopimaric acid in cisplatin-resistant human lung carcinoma are mediated via autophagy, ROS-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction, cell apoptosis and modulation of ERK/MAPK/JNK signalling pathway

Kai Zhang, Juan Ding; pp 248-254 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Comparison of efficacy between thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomy and thoracoscopic lobectomy in treating early-stage non-small cell lung cancer

Ning Zhong, Yedong Mi, Bin Huang, Guoqiang Chen, Guiping Yu; pp 255-261 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Antitumor effects of flavokawain-B flavonoid in gemcitabine-resistant lung cancer cells are mediated via mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis, ROS production, cell migration and cell invasion inhibition and blocking of PI3K/AKT Signaling pathway

Rong Hua, Yaofei Pei, Haiyong Gu, Yifeng Sun, Yi He; pp 262-267 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

The Effect of PD-L1 status on survival outcomes in patients with stage II-III non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemotherapy

Mustafa Karaca, Deniz Tural, Emre Akar, Damla Unal, Mesut Bayraktaoglu, Nalan Akyurek, Ahmet Ozet; pp 268-273 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Heptaphylline suppresses the proliferation and migration of human bladder cancer cells via induction of intrinsic apoptosis, autophagy and inhibition of β-catenin signalling pathway

An Xu, Gang-Gang Yang, Yu Zhang, Shu-Tian Zhao; pp 274-279 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Limonene terpenoid obstructs human bladder cancer cell (T24 cell line) growth by inducing cellular apoptosis, caspase activation, G2/M phase cell cycle arrest and stops cancer metastasis

Zhaohua Ye, Liang, Qiwu Mi, Yonglian Guo; pp 280-285 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Totally intracorporeal 3D laparoscopic orthotopic neobladder reconstruction following radical cystectomy for infiltrative bladder tumors: the experience of modified Studer and modified Y-shaped ileal reconstruction techniques

Cristian Bogdan Rusu, Cristina Eliza Bujoreanu, Alexandru Irimie, Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu, Catalin Vlad, Paul Kubelac, Vlad Vasile Hardo, Teodor Traian Maghiar, Cristian Vasile Maris, Yousif Idris, Bogdan Petrut; pp 286-294 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Assessment of ex-vivo efficacy (oncogram) of immunotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic agents in bladder cancer: A pilot study of personalized treatment

Serdar Celik, Hilmi Sari, Mehmet Ugur Mungan, Kutsal Yorukoglu, Ilhan Celebi, Safiye Aktas; pp 295-301 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

lncRNA SNHG1 suppresses gastric cancer cell proliferation and promotes apoptosis via Notch1 pathway

Zhu Zhang, Huahong Wang; pp 302-307 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Phloretin flavonoid exhibits selective antiproliferative activity in doxorubicin-resistant gastric cancer cells by inducing autophagy, inhibiting cell migration and invasion, cell cycle arrest and targeting ERK1/2 MAP pathway

Qing You, JiaPeng Xu, ZhenXin Zhu, Zunqi Hu, QingPing Cai; pp 308-313 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Berberine inhibits human gastric cancer cell growth via deactivation of p38/JNK pathway, induction of mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis, caspase activation and NF-κB inhibition

Yue Wang, Mingyin Zhou, Dong Shang; pp 314-318 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Lymph node harvesting in gastric cancer: the crucial role of t stage

Dimitrios Symeonidis, Alexandros Diamantis, Dimitrios E.Magouliotis, Konstantinos Tepetes; pp 319-323 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Comparison of clinical efficacy between laparotomy and laparoscopic radical surgery for gastric cancer and their effects on CRP, CEA and insulin resistance

Xudong Wu, Xingguang Wang, Yong Wang, Weichun Cui, Pengfei Liu; pp 324-331 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Inhibition of cancer cell growth in cisplatin-resistant human oral cancer cells by withaferin-A is mediated via both apoptosis and autophagic cell death, endogenous ROS production, G2/M phase cell cycle arrest and by targeting MAPK/RAS/RAF signalling pathway

Xuelian Yin, Guang Yang, Dongjie Ma, Zhejun Su; pp 332-337 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Kutkoside-an iridoid glycoside, exerts anti-proliferative effects in drug-resistant human oral carcinoma cells by targeting PI3K/AKT signalling pathway, inducing apoptosis and suppressing cell migration and invasion

Jun-Chi Hou, Xiao-Nan Xu; pp 338-343 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Anticancer activity of Phloretin against the human oral cancer cells is due to G0/G1 cell cycle arrest and ROS mediated cell death

Guang Yang, Xuelian Yin, Dongjie Ma, Zhejun Su; pp 344-349 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


MicroRNA-205 targets HER3 and suppresses the growth, chemosensitivity and metastasis of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells

Yanru Hao, Junan Li, Hejia Zhang, Guofang Guan, Yingyuan Guo; pp 350-356 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Novel insights into laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma from association study of aberrantly expressed miRNAs, lncRNAs and clinical features in Bulgarian patients

Silva Garo Kyurkchiyan, Todor Miroslavov Popov, Gergana Stancheva, Julian Rangachev, Vanyo Ivanov Mitev, Diana Petrova Popova, Radka Petrova Kaneva; pp 357-366 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

The prognostic value of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio in nasopharyngeal cancer

Mete Gundog, Hatice Basaran; pp 367-375 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Sentinel lymph node biopsy in clinically node negative patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma

Ivan Markovic, Merima Goran, Marko Buta, Dejan Stojiljkovic, Milan Zegarac, Zorka Milovanovic, Radan Dzodic; pp 376-382 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Outcomes of surgery and radioiodine treatment for neck recurrence in papillary thyroid cancer

Styliani Kalaitzidou, Georgios Papadakis, Aggeliki Sapera, Dimitra Tampouratzi, Aspasia Drosou, Eleni Triantafillou, Michalis Kotis, Aggeliki Aravantinou, Zoi Roumpidaki, Vasileios Gkioxaris, Chrysa Karavasili, Anna Dracopoulou, Victoria Kaltzidou, Irini Veniou, Ioannis Karelas, Pavlos Stampouloglou, Pavlos Sarof, Nicolaos Petridis, Despina Papadouli, Lydia Iordanidou, Erasmia Trivizaki, Panagiotis Manikis, Ilias Efstathiou, Athanasia Tertipi; pp 383-388 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Baicalein suppresses the growth of the human thyroid cancer cells by inducing mitotic catastrophe, apoptosis and autophagy via NF-kB signalling pathway

Shijian Yi, Guowen Liu, Yang Wu, Qiankun Liang, Lanlan Li; pp 389-394 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


CIP2A expression in Bortezomib-treated multiple myeloma

Ahmed M. L. Bedewy, Shereen M. Elmaghraby; pp 395-400 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Antiproliferative potential of piperine and curcumin in drug-resistant human leukemia cancer cells are mediated via autophagy and apoptosis induction, S-phase cell cycle arrest and inhibition of cell invasion and migration

Ning Li, Shuyun Wen, Guohua Chen, Shijun Wang; pp 401-406 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Efficacy of endostar combined with transcatheter arterial chemoembolization and analysis of vascular endothelial factor and C-reactive protein levels in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma under contrast enhanced ultrasound

Yu Wang, Zhidong Xuan, Xue Zheng, Ruoling Han, Li Zhou, Haixia Liu, Yongrong Liu; pp 407-414 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Pectolinarigenin flavonoid exhibits selective anti-proliferative activity in cisplatin-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma, autophagy activation, inhibiting cell migration and invasion, G2/M phase cell cycle arrest and targeting ERK1/2 MAP kinases

Sheng Liu, Jingze Zhang, Hong Yang, Qiulu Zhang, Meizhu Chen; pp 415-420 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The anticancer effects of 7-Methoxyheptaphylline against the human retinoblastoma cells are facilitated via S-phase cell cycle arrest, mitochondrial apoptosis and inhibition of Wnt/β-catenin signalling pathway

Bin Chen, Tao He, Li Wu, Ting Cao, Hongmei Zheng; pp 421-426 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Inhibition of anticancer growth in Retinoblastoma cells by naturally occurring sesquiterpene nootkatone is mediated via autophagy, endogenous ROS production, cell cycle arrest and inhibition of NF-κB signalling pathway

Xiangxiang Zhu,Xiangyun Li,Zhen Chen; pp 427-431 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Establishing recurrence indicators and stratifying pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma based on routine laboratory exams. Is it time to incorporate these parameters in daily clinical practice?

Pedro Luiz Serrano Usón Junior, Vanessa Montes Santos, Ive Lima Souza, Gustavo Schvartsman, Fernando Cotait Maluf; pp 432-447 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Relationships of pain in pancreatic cancer patients with pathological stage and expressions of NF-κB and COX-2

Hao Wang, Jinlong Wang, Jing Wang, Wenjie Cui, Miao Sun, Yang Liu; pp 448-453 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Antiproliferative activities of auraptenol against drug-resistant human prostate carcinoma cells are mediated via programmed cell death, endogenous ROS production, and targeting the JNK/p38 MAPK signal pathways

Yunli Liu, Xuedong Li, Zhaoyan Chen, Yunhui Chan; pp 454-459 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Prostate 3D ultrasound-guided imaging device (HistoScanning) performance detecting clinically significant prostate cancer

Vezelis Alvydas, Gediminas Platkevicius, Kincius Marius, Naruseviciute Ieva, Ulys Albertas, Jankevicius Feliksas; pp 460-463 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The HDAC inhibitor OBP-801 suppresses the growth of myxofibrosarcoma cells

Ayako Kawarazaki, Mano Horinaka, Shusuke Yasuda, Hiroyuki Kawashima, Toshiaki Numajiri, Toshiyuki Sakai; pp 464-471 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

MicroRNA-187 suppresses the proliferation migration and invasion of human osteosarcoma cells by targeting MAPK7

Min Liu, Lifang Wu, Chunyuan Cai, Liangle Liu, Youjia Xu; pp 472-478 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Heptazoline exerts antiproliferative effects on human melanoma cells by inducing apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and targeting MAPK signalling pathway

Wei Zhou , Ling Zhou , Min Wang , Zeming Liu , Danyang Chen , Liang Guo; pp 479-484 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Anticancer effects of Daidzein against the human melanoma cell lines involves cell cycle arrest, autophagy and deactivation of PI3K/AKT signalling pathways

Hui Chu, Junzhi Li, Ting Liu, Na Miao, Wei Zhang; pp 485-490 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


MicroRNA-22 regulates the proliferation, drug sensitivity and metastasis of human glioma cells by targeting SNAIL1

Yunqiang Zhang, Lijun Tu, Xiuhong Zhou, Bin Li; pp 491-496 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Prognostic factors affecting mortality in patients with esophageal GISTs

Dimitrios Schizas, George Bagias, Prodromos Kanavidis, Demetrios Moris, Eleftherios Spartalis, Christos Damaskos, Nikolaos Garmpis, Ioannis Karavokyros, Evangelos P. Misiakos, Theodore Liakakos; pp 497-507 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Diosgenin inhibits the proliferation, migration, and invasion of the optic nerve sheath meningioma cells via induction of mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis, autophagy, and G0/G1 cell cycle arrest

Xiangxiang Zhu, Zhen Chen,Xiangyun Li; pp 508-513 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Efficacy of Sorafenib Combined with Radiofrequency Ablation in Renal Cancer and Its Effects on Immunity and Inflammation in Patients

Liwei Xu, Wenxing Fan; pp 514-519 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Minimally invasive esophagectomy for esophageal cancer in octogenarians. Clinical and oncological outcomes

Elias Sdralis, Spyridon Davakis, Athanasios Syllaios, Eustratia Mpaili, Bruno Lorenzi, Alexandros Charalabopoulos; pp 520-526 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


The effect of radiotherapy and hormone therapy on osteopontin concentrations in prostate cancer patients

Tomasz Wisniewski, Janusz Winiecki, Roman Makarewicz, Ewa Zekanowska; pp 527-530 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Anti-cancer effects of recombinant arazyme from Serratia Proteomaculans

Ghazaleh Amjadi, Kazem Parivar, Seyed Fazlollah Mousavi, Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi; pp 531-542 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Antitumor effect of adenoviruses expressing mutant non-oncogenic E7 versions from HPV-16 fused to calreticulin

Olivia Abigail Robles-Rodríguez, José Juan Pérez-Trujillo, José Alberto Barrón-Cantú, Abigail Torres-Cerda, Yolanda Gutiérrez-Puente, Aracely García-García, Humberto Rodríguez-Rocha, Arnulfo Villanueva-Olivo, Laura M. Zavala-Flores, Odila Saucedo-Cárdenas, Roberto Montes-de-Oca-Luna, María de Jesús Loera-Arias; pp 543-548 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Effects of green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate on transcription factors regulating expression of FLT3

Bui Thi Kim Ly, Hoang Thanh Chi; pp 549-553 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Silencing HMGB1 expression inhibits adriamycin’s heart toxicity via TLR4 dependent manner through MAPK signal transduction

Eylem Taskin, Celal Guven, Salih Tunc Kaya, Melda Sariman, Zeliha Emrence, Sema Sirma Ekmekci, Neslihan Abaci, Yusuf Sevgiler, Handan Akcakaya; pp 554-565 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Oncological genetic counseling (OGC) for high-risk hereditary cancer: what can hospital anxiety and depression scale (HADs) tell us?

Silvia Costanzo, Claudia Cormio, Francesca Romito, Maria Digennaro, Margherita Patruno, Annarita Fanizzi, Angelo Paradiso; pp 566-573 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

ERCC2 Lys751Gln rs13181 and XRCC2 Arg188His rs3218536 Gene Polymorphisms Contribute to Subsceptibility of Colon, Gastric, HCC, Lung And Prostate Cancer

Eda Balkan, Mehmet Bilici, Betul Gundogdu, Nurhak Aksungur, Asli Kara, Ezgi Yasar, Hasan Dogan, Gurkan Ozturk; pp 574-581 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)


Physical activity and breast cancer: Role of inhibition of Wnt signaling in triple negative breast cancer

Kadri Altundag; p 582 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Enhancing PTEN suppressor gene expression in pancreatic carcinoma

Leonidas Petrogiannopoulos, Athanasios Niotis, Theodoros Niotis, Evangelos Tsiambas; p 582 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Outcome of small node-negative ER+/HER2+ and ER−/HER2+breast cancers might be different

Kadri Altundag; p 583 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Targeting caspase – dependent apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

Athanasios Niotis, Leonidas Petrogiannopoulos, Theodoros Niotis, Evangelos Tsiambas; p 583 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Weighted Hula-Hooping may decrease breast cancer recurrence by decreasing abdominal fat and increasing trunk muscularity in obese postmenopausal breast cancer survivors

Kadri Altundag; p 584 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

HPV mediated carcinogenesis: the role of k-ras mutations

Ilianna E Armata, Nicholas Mastronikolis, Evangelos Tsiambas, Vasileios Ragos; p 585 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

Optimum timing of primary tumor resection on outcome in patients with stage IV breast cancer: is it worth mentioning?

Kadri Altundag; p 586 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

c-Fos in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Efthymios Kyrodimos, Aristeidis Chrysovergis, Evangelos Tsiambas, Vasileios S Papanikolaou; p 586 (Pubmed Abstract, PDF)

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